Meet Our Staff

Oliver Sandow (Olli)

Hostel manager

Olli is the IT guru at OFS. His hometown is Frankfurt in Germany and he first checked in to the Old Fire Station on 15 August 2010.

Olli loves to solve technical issues. So, if you need any help with your technology or WiFi issues, Olli is your go-to guy! He also has a sound knowledge of the Australian Tax system and can help you lodge those tricky tax returns.

Football passion is alive and well at OFS, with both Olli and Riccardo leading a team made up of hostel guests. They train together every week and play fiercely competitive matches. Recently Olli and his team were seen wandering the streets of Fremantle in their jocks after the Australia Day football knockout comp!

Priscilla Andersen

Director of Cleaning Services

Ah! Priscilla, the hostel mumma! Priscilla (originally from Norway) has been with the OFS family for over 10 years and is a nurturing spirit.

Priscilla does everything she can to make the hostel home for everyone who stays, even bringing in her homemade cakes and waffles. Of course, everyone loves Priscilla; she is so very warm and funny and her laugh can be heard all over the hostel. Priscilla manages and trains the cleaning team and if you make something dirty just after she’ s cleaned it… watch out!

Sanna Greneby

Tess Luck