17 May

First important result on “backpacker tax”

First battle is won, but we still need to fight together for a final and consistent result.
This morning was announced that the controversial “backpacker tax” has been delayed and will no take action from the beginning of the new financial year.
The government will now review the tax measure.
Small Business Minister Kelly O’Dwyer made the announcement this morning while campaigning in NSW.
“The government has listened,” O’Dwyer told reporters this morning.
“We are absolutely committed to making sure this is very, very much right for our rural and regional communities, our tourism industry and Australia as a whole.”.
“I can say that with absolute certainty and they can come to Australia with great confidence.”
This one is a great step to finally block this suicidal tax, but the fight is still on.
Small business community welcomes delay, but wants the policy abandoned altogether.
We have to be all united and keep signing the petition against this law.
For the moment.
Well done to everyone who played a role standing against this tax.