About Us

We have been operating for over 10 years and have established a strong reputation as one of the leading short-term accommodation providers in Perth. OFS has earned its reputable stance in the market through our commitment to providing top quality service to our guests.

We have developed a platform for businesses, like yours, to connect with quality, casual / temp staff that are ready to work and available at short notice.

The Old Fire Station Backpackers isn’t just a Hostel.  We are a Family! We are rated Number 1 on Trip Advisor for Hostels in the Fremantle area.  We attract long stay travellers from every corner of the world.  We have accommodation for up to 120 Guests and a friendly Management Team dedicated to keeping us at the top of our game EVERYDAY.

We want to build a mutually beneficial relationship with your business.

What We Offer

Our system allows us to collect personal information, screen, evaluate, qualify against a set of criteria and train potential candidates. Being the candidate’s accommodation provider allows us to ensure we consistently provide a person of good character, will and motivation.


  • Access to high-quality employees at a very competitive rate.
  • Increasing working-holiday visitors to Fremantle will boost the local economy.


  • Improve customer loyalty and drive our business objective to increase long-term guest bookings.


  • There isn’t one!
  • This service is offered to you FREE of charge.
  • There are no upfront, ongoing or cancellation fees or contracts.

Whats Next

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It is in our best interest to provide Staff for you that are going to hit the ground running and get the job done.  Every worker that we recommend we guarantee will have the relevant background, experience, certificates and attitude that is suited for you!  We will support every member of our Family to ensure that they are job ready and work alongside you to hopefully build a strong working relationship that will work in everyone’s favour!

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